Please make me pretty, I don't want to die (Princeton University Press, 2022; forthcoming)



Nearness (The New Delta Review, 2022; forthcoming) 


Poems for a Sesquicentennial: The Signet Society 1870-2020 (Thornwillow Press, 2020; co-edited with Alex Cohen)


'My Sister Likes Girls and Does Not Return for My Mother's Fiftieth', A Public Space (forthcoming)

'Clarity', Black Warrior Review (forthcoming)

'Renga', The Florida Review (forthcoming)

'Afterparty', Gigantic Sequins (forthcoming)

'Aria', 'Aria', 'Poetry in America', Lana Turner (forthcoming; 'Aria' ("There is not enough light...") also forthcoming as a reprint in Winning Writers)

'Massachusetts' and 'October'Post Road 


'Second Sonnet', The Paris Review

'Frenzy' and 'American Elegy'The Baffler 

'Pokémon Blue'Pigeon Pages

'Kids Play Outside and I Write Kaiju Dreams'Lolwe 

'Connecticut', 'Song', 'My Brother Does Not Return for My Mother's Fiftieth', The New England Review

'Third Sonnet'Off the Coast 

'Newness', Salt Hill Journal  (republished in Verse Daily)

'November'The Rutherford Red Wheelbarrow 

'Prayer' (reprint) and 'Elegy'Peripheries

'Elegy', 'Film Studies III', 'Ear', 'Symphony' and 'The World'Tupelo Quarterly 

'Saturday morning my hair meets this drain' and 'Not a snow day'Postscript

'Nearness' and 'Half past seven and', Hoxie Gorge Review 

'Forgiveness Rock Record'perhappened 

'Hamlet Tries Prozac'Postscript

'all we got was autumn. all we got was winter'The Massachusetts Review 

'Elegy, Elegy,' The Denver Quarterly 

'Still Life'Hobart 

'Poem about My Life Mattering'Rejection Letters 

'Film Studies', 'Film Studies II' and 'Prayer'The New Delta Review 

'Near it'The Night Heron Barks

'After History'Brittle Paper

'Miscegenation Elegy'Palette Poetry  

'Vertebrae' and 'Good Long Poem', Afternoon Visitor

From 'Happy Haiku', Hobart After Dark

'Argo, My Argo', The Harvard Advocate (republished in Mass Poetry

'Prayer', Postscript 



'40 Granite Street', Strange Matters (forthcoming) 

'Take Care of Each Other', Harvard Magazine
'Take Care of Each Other', Harvard Magazine
'A Brain from A Blue Cooler Box'Harvard Magazine 
'Teaching Hip-Hop in China', Harvard Magazine

'Gaborone, [Botswana]'The Harvard Advocate 


‘Before the First Book: A Roundtable Discussion’ (by Patrycja Humienik, with Sarah Ghazal Ali and Erin L. McCoy)The Rumpus


Bone Music Virtual Reading Series, Episode #3: Young Poets (hosted by Joel Peckham, with Athena Nassar, Darius Atefat-Peckham and Rajon Staunton